Implementing Agile and Automated Signage Management with NetTickIT

Driving Business Flexibility with a Sophisticated In-Store Signage Management Solution

About The Range: UK’s Fastest Growing Retail Chain

The Range, headquartered in Plymouth, UK, is recognized for its unique product variety. The company offers more than 65,000 quality products across 16 departments, including DIY, homewares, furniture, lighting, arts & crafts, and garden. With a focus on delivering quality goods at affordable prices, The Range has grown to become the fastest-growing retail chain in the UK, boasting 199 stores.

The Challenge

The company sought a best-of-breed solution that could evolve with their long-term plans without causing disruption. The desired system needed to:

  • Offer new functionality for agile and simplified processes
  • Provide rapid access to information for decision-makers
  • Eliminate dependence on standalone systems and ensure full compliance
  • Facilitate quick product or pricing changes
  • Foster a long-term partnership

The company has been using NetTickIT successfully for over ten years. The platform’s capability to enable agile working, facilitate quick price updates, and ensure guaranteed compliance made it an ideal choice for The Range’s rapidly growing and evolving business needs.

The Impact: A More Flexible and Agile In-Store Signage Management

NetTickIT’s implementation supports The Range’s growth in-store, making their in-store signage as agile as their business expansion. As Founder Chris Dawson says, “We’re growing fast, and we need to make sure that our in-store signage is as agile as we are. That’s why we chose Pierhouse to help us deliver on our future plans.”

The collaboration showcases how Pierhouse’s NetTickIT can provide flexible, dynamic, and effective in-store signage solutions, vital for a rapidly growing business like The Range. The partnership between The Range and Pierhouse is a testament to the power of technology in enhancing business operations and supporting rapid business growth.