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We are a team of retail technology experts. We specialize in digital technologies which empower customers and support omnichannel customer journeys. We enable:

  • High performance sales growth
  • Resource efficiencies
  • Sustainability, compliance & consistency
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NetTickIT – intelligent shelf edge

We digitize, digitalize and transform point of purchase. We engage customers right at the shelf edge. We provide managed omnichannel services to drive sales growth, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Our passion is 24.7.365 retail.

Mobile 1st e-commerce

We are experts at designing and developing complex e-commerce platforms that support international omnichannel retail.rnrnWe fully understand end to end retail processes and are specialists in integrating technology ecosystems that enable sales and fulfilment across multiple sales channels in multiple markets.

1 stop shop international retail services

We are the UK subsidiary of the leading European retail solutions Group Exorigo Upos SA.

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive 1 stop shop services solution for UK companies going global, or global companies with the ambition to grow in fast-growing EU retail markets.


We work with leading global technology partners and deploy platforms across global markets.

We specialize in customer service, multichannel fulfillment and last-mile brand experience.

E-commerce case studies

We are passionate about working with our clients to increase sales, deliver operational efficiency, support their international expansion and pursue sustainable growth.

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