Cultivating Exceptional Customer Experiences Through Innovation

Planting the Seeds of Rapid Promotions, Compliance and Streamlined Operations

An Overview of Haskins: The UK’s Destination for Garden Lovers

Founded in 1882, Haskins has long been at the forefront of lifestyle and garden retail, operating five of the UK’s largest destination garden centres. Haskins, headquartered in Ferndown in Dorset, UK, serves 60,000 customers weekly and prides itself on its commitment to exceptional customer service. The company generates an annual revenue of £31 million with a dedicated team of 500 employees.

NetTickIT is a highly automated system with built-in compliance and auditing features. Its ability to ensure the use of the most recent signage versions coupled with the ease of reprinting damaged or lost signs significantly enhanced Haskins’ operational efficiency.

What’s Next: A Greener Future with NetTickIT

Haskins plans to phase out the laborious process of laminating signs for outdoor use. The company aims to print these signs on special plastic recommended by Pierhouse, which will save around £7,000 just on laminating pouches.

The next stage of this transformative journey involves implementing NetTickIT software to produce shelf edge labels. This process will speed up operations and provide valuable information to customers while freeing up staff to focus on their core strength – advising customers.

This innovative leap forward exemplifies Haskins’ dedication to improving processes through technology, ensuring their customers have an unparalleled shopping experience while reinforcing their position as leaders in the garden and lifestyle retail industry.

Julian Winfield, Haskins’ CEO, expressed their commitment to innovation, stating, “We have always invested in technology to improve processes… we selected Pierhouse and their NetTickIT signage software to improve our whole signage process.”